Having dabbled vaguely in watercolours at odd moments over years, I finally engaged properly with the medium in the early weeks of lockdown 2020. Learning how I should respect the medium rather than just using it to ‘colour in’ was a revelation. But negotiating the jagged edges between watercolour etiquette and my own ingrained artistic style was a continual challenge. After a while, however, the process became sheer pleasure… and continues to be so.

Many of these pictures are for sale (unframed prices starting at £150).

Enquiries johnminnion@gmail.com

Paintings from January 2021

As the intensity of the pandemic eased in late 2021 I found I did fewer and fewer paintings.

Leaving the boatyard
Reading the News in the Alcazaba (Malaga)
Plague doctor (Venice)
Jesus, Cervantes and the Tourists (Valladolid, Spain)
Scarecrow vs jackdaws
Fox forest
Morning’s Minion
Bowing with the flow
Basking at Bodnant
Angela’s Portal
Omar and the River
Sweet Chestnut Heart
Feline Chess
Sax on the City Walls
Pinetree Blues
Sandstone Steve
Little Egret on Hilbre Island
Miza and Bo at Finca Nino
The Collector
Above the City
Swiss duck fans
Lethal nocturne
Through the lychgate
Plash (the mainland from Vancouver Island)
Fish Breakfast
Without a city wall
Bullocks on the Tolkien Way
Squirrel Circus
Above the City (Malaga)
Snake Woods
Rock garden
Pots in the Arab Baths (Palma)
Entrance to the Arab Baths (Palma)
Sorrow out of the mist
Leaving Prudhoe Castle
Fox by the lodge





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