Schools Prom

For a decade, I was commissioned by Larry Westland to draw the programme cover for the annual Schools Prom, a glorious coming-together of musical schoolkids from around the UK. Part of the deal was a Royal Albert Hall box for me and my family from which we would watch the show every year.


Budgets often didn’t run to full colour printing. Here, I was just allowed two colours: I chose red and blue and managed to create extra colours by mixing percentages of red and blue.

Full colour allowed at last. I went for the coloured pencils option, but later began to avoid it because of the danger of repetitive strain injury.

‘Music embraces technology.’ was the brief for this cover. I spent a bewildering afternoon being shown around state-of-the art Midi equipment.

At the back is my son Roscoe on cello – a rare sighting. His brother Rowan appeared inside the programme on skateboard (below)