I have done more drawings of musicians and music themes than any other subject. You can see several hundred of my music-related images at Bridgeman Images who negotiate occasional modest fees for their re-use all over the world. For that reason I don’t post too many of them here.

Musicians are best to listen to live, not least because it’s a chance to draw them. Nowadays I always bring an A6 mini-sketchbook to a live concert and try to grab a seat with a good view. Here’s a few pages from music sketchbooks

The Listener

In the early Eighties I started drawing a weekly composer caricature for the Listener magazine, and with added demand from the recording company Naxos, I gradually built up a collection of over 400 of them. It was a very enriching process for me because drawing a composer usually led to me listening to their music.


Naxos paid for unlimited use of several hundred images, and they have made much use of them over the years. You can see a few samples here.

Uneasy Listening

There’s a typical selection of composer caricatures in my book Uneasy Listening about 20th-century composition.

Black and White Nocturnes

I can’t resist a Chopin nocturne. I’m sure they contain a bit too much sugar, but they taste so delectable and I am sure they are good for my soul. So I decided to do a set of 21 black and white pictures, one for each nocturne. See a selection here.


For many years I illustrated music education books for Schott. Here are some of the colour pictures from Schott publications:

Music in five/four time
Frog march
Alt Text

Schools Prom

For a decade, I was privileged to draw the programme cover for the Schools Prom, an annual performance event for musical schoolkids from across the UK. As part of the commission my family and I were given a box at the Albert Hall from which to enjoy the show.