More political drawings

The natural party of power and the oiks. (Times: Mary Ann Seighart)
Can Blair show Thatcher’s poise under pressure? (Times: Mary Ann Seighart)
Book cover
David Ben Gurion and Gamal Abdel Nasser. Book cover for Four Arab-Israeli Wars and the Peace Process by Sydney Bailey
The Bush dynasty
Jeffrey Archer
Sir Alec Douglas Home whose sudden elevation to No.10 is my earliest recollection of an awareness of the class system (I was 12).
Charles Clarke.
Cow wars. Jospin vs Blair, with agriculture minister Nick Brown
Edwina Currie. This drawing appears in Pool of Life
Golda Meir
Emmeline Pankhurst. Postcard design.
One of a handful of cartoons I did for the Sunday Telegraph deputising for my hero, Trog (Wally Fawkes). Starring: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Robin Cook and Madeleine Albright
Ronald Reagan really did talk like this sometimes. Blithering Heights was intended to be a regular column for a magazine which sadly only lasted a few issues.
I was suddenly handed the Times cartoon slot with very short notice over the Xmas break. I can’t remember the political details now – Stephen Byers/Railtrack/whatever – but I thought it was a decent drawing given the emergency situation. When I saw it in print, there was some dreadful problem with the resolution and it looked a foggy mess. These were the early days of emailing artwork.