I held exhibitions throughout my career, and it’s something I would recommend all artists to do, even in these days of easy image posting. The proliferation of images takes away from their specialness as works of art: seeing them framed and hung gives people the chance to contemplate, rather than scroll on past.

And buy, of course.

For freelancers struggling to establish themselves, an exhibition becomes a focus to remind people of your work. You never know where an exhibition will lead. My modest show at the Amwell gallery in 1978 had pitifully few visitors, but one of them was the deputy editor of the New Statesman. Within a fortnight I was doing my first cover illustration for the magazine, and earned a steady living for the next 25 years.

Solo Exhibitions

1970 Merton College, Oxford
1971 Stanhope Gallery, London NW1
1978 Amwell Gallery, Islington
1979 Talent Store Gallery, Victoria
1980 Amwell Gallery, Islington

1980 Heroes and Villains (political caricatures) Turnstile Gallery, Holborn, London
1981 Musical Portraits and Fantasies
Royal Festival Hall, London
Musical Portraits and Fantasies
Fairfield Halls Croydon
1983 Facial Prejudice (caricatures)
Royal Festival Hall. London
1988 Britannia Rules the Staves (British composers)
Barbican Hall, London.
1989 Out of the Inkwell Brighton Festival

1993 Composer Caricatures
Wigmore Hall, London
Composer Caricatures
St David’s Hall, Cardiff.
1994 Literary Line-up (caricatures of writers)
Guildford Book Festival
Sideways Guide to Composers
Colston Hall, Bristol.
1995 Caricatures of contemporary composers
Royal Academy of Music
1997 Sideways Guide to Composers
Chelmsford Cathedral Festival
Open House Exhibition at home, London N4
1999 Travelling Exhibition Unsung Heroines with series of early music concerts

Galicia Jewish Museum (Jewish Telegraph)

2000 Composers of the Century
Royal Academy of Music
2001 Composers of the Century
Westminster Central Hall
Open House Exhibition London N4
2003 John Minnion Caricatures
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Composer Caricatures
Three Choirs Music Festival, Hereford
Caricatour of the 20th Century
Lauderdale House, Highgate, London
Caricatour of the 20th Century
Windermere House, Liverpool

Editions Gallery Liverpool

2004 Hitler’s List Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow
2005 Stars of Stage and Screen Editions Gallery, Liverpool
Big Screen, Little Screen Winchester Club, London
2008 Pool of Life Editions Gallery, launching book
2011 Black & White Nocturnes, Lauderdale House, London N6
2019 Knocking on 70 (Ceramic Sculptures) Open House Dudlow Lane Liverpool
2019 Knocking on 70 (Landscapes and Portraits) Coach House Gallery Calderstones, Liverpool

Coach House Gallery, Liverpool

2022 John Minnion: Nocturnes, nudes, watercolours Gallery 455, Smithdown Social Arts Hub, Liverpool