Fashion drawing style: Part 2

The second part of Nneka’s presentation shown to the group on 9th July

  • Elsa Schiaparelli/Dali. They’re linked inextricably. Shiap and Dali had a close personal friendship and totally egged each other on! She’s one of my favourite designers of all time and the Schiaparelli house is still showing mind-blowing, creativity at Couture week.

Fashion drawing style: Part 1

The first part of Nneka’s presentation shown to the group on 9th July.

  • Klimt. Considered by many fashion illustrators to be the original fashion illustrator. And I think the simple explanation of that is, look at how excited he is about that dress! You can see how the colours and patterns and even the silhouette from the garment is repeated in the rest of the painting.
  • And for me, at least, that’s what fashion illustration is about, celebrating the visual impact of clothing. As long as artists have been describing the figure, we’ve been describing the figure clothed. I’m hoping a dip into the art of fashion illustration will inspire everyone to squeeze a bit more value out of clothing in their pictures.