Hale and Arty

by Steve

A stylish pencil view of the Hale lighthouse by Steve, a fine composition. The presence of the lighthouse itself was enhanced when the light changed and intensified the shadow on it.

There’s nice variety in the mark-making: broad strokes used for the big tree and sky complement the respectful attention paid to details on the lighthouse and house. And note the nifty vegetation effect achieved by strokes of the eraser.

Tumblr bots blunder into our archive again

As most of you know, the predecessor of this blog was on Tumblr and I took it away when they decided to purge ‘adult’ content, and took down about 60 posts – mainly life drawings like this (below), but some so absurdly unprovocative as to call into question the IQ and mental health of their roving bots.

All those posts were reinstalled when I appealed, and – as you know – I set this blog up instead and abandoned the Tumblr, keeping it as an archive.


Well blow me down if I didn’t just get another message from Tumblr today saying they had detected ‘adult content’ on my blog. This is the offending bit of disgusting filth, so I have rescued it and reinstated it here. I just pray that none of you will be depraved or corrupted by it.