TJ by David and Nneka

by Nneka. A bit of wash, used sparingly, nicely suggests TJ’s dark skin. This also gives a sense of his long, lean figure.
by David. Same pose, different angle. TJ is seriously tattooed, which does obfuscate things when you are trying to analyse skin tones. Often we try to ignore tattoos for that reason, but David couldn’t resist the bass clef. I can’t remember if the other arm has a treble clef?

Matt trimming

This was one of a set of shortish poses with an emphasis of hands.

by Steve.

Steve’s light, laconic penwork sometimes falls short when it comes to a head of hair. Hair varies enormously but it is an important aspect of a portrait in what it both shows and hides the shape of the head. Even when it has no styled shape to speak of it usually has bulk which needs to be shown. And even when the style is wild and ragged, it can be seen as lines which can be followed out and down from the crown thereby revealing bulk.