Where there is discord

Scenes from the
Thatcher years

‘Where there is discord, may we bring harmony’: Mrs Thatcher’s very first pledge on becoming Prime Minister in 1979, before she set about dividing the society she didn’t even believe in.

I published Where there is discord in 2009. Unfortunately I only made 200 copies and they have all been sold.

But here are some of the illustrations. All but one originally appeared in New Statesman.

The Falklands War won and her popularity high, Mrs Thatcher called a general election in 1983. The media enthusiastically joined in the fun. My contribution was this cartoon in which, despite my political innocence, I managed to anticipate the pro-Tory press in correct order. The deputy editor of the Times (which just noses into the picture, right) bought the original.
Michael Foot’s Labour Party fought a disastrous campaign.
Contemptuous of Europe, she fought to keep sterling free of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism
A return to Victorian values was widely promulgated.
Mrs Thatcher and John Bull: making Britain great again
Labour and Tory conferences had very different attitudes to their leaders.
Mrs Thatcher and her mass-murdering friend General Pinochet share a joke.
Her hold on the Tory Party extended to endorsing their next four leaders