The intense little worlds of Still Life

Work in progress from this Tuesday’s session.

by David

You can’t get more still-lifey than some veg in a wooden bowl. Classic drawing elements like ellipses, shadows, textures, colours, tonal relationships, reflections… but also elevating the ordinary into something special.

Personally I’ve always felt turnips were for drawing, not eating.

by Angela

It is possible to get totally absorbed in a world of shadows and ellipses

by Maria

Then there’s the surrealism of juxtaposition of disparate elements. An adobe habitat in the shadow of a giant cactus, with skull of monstrous Jurassic dinosaur? Or just a ceramic model alongside a potted cactus and sheep skull?

by Steve

And you can intentionally create a story: here’s another ceramic (actually about 30cm high) with a couple of carved African figures. And a vase with alder twigs. So what’s going on?

3 thoughts on “The intense little worlds of Still Life

  1. Beautifully rendered turnip, garlic and onion David.
    Two whole books to be written from Maria’s and Steve’s images.
    And it would be lovely to be in janes Cyprus now.

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