Further adventures of Joe, by Gav and Eve

Our models sometimes don’t realise what they are in for. They may think we just see them as mere figures arranged and lit in artistic poses. But as Gav reveals here, to the eye of the artist all may not be as it seems…

Meanwhile, Eve has made an ink line drawing from her original pencil sketch of Joe…

It is a strong line drawing, even without colour. But colour can be added of course. In Photoshop, for instance:

I do think this is one of those occasions when some sort of grounding is needed. Unless, that is, this is a surreal tale of an armchair floating in the sky.

A simple division of backgound, like this perhaps?

My other concern here is about the choice of colours of similar tones. There are nowadays easy ways to flip a colour image into greyscale to check the tonal balance:

You might think the armchair is too near the suit in tone to be distinguishable from it. The darkness of the suit also downplays the lines of the creases and folds.

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