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Drawings for The Arts pages

Newspaper Christmas parties. A rare chance to network, but I was lousy at them. Very high-power conversations go on at these events – between the journalists and big name people, that is. The freelance illustrators and photographers huddle together in a corner and discuss fees and art materials. My worst moments came when a hospitable journalist made a point of introducing me to people I have drawn.
National Poetry Day

Arts Editor Richard Morrison was a pleasure to work with because I loved his writing. I always seemed to share his opinions, which means he was either very wise or very persuasive. A considerate critic and a man of much knowledge seasoned with wit.

These drawings were for his Opinion column:

Oxford University is ‘sinking in a morass of committees, inertia and muddle’, says John Kay from the Said Business School. It is ‘sliding gradually into mediocrity’.
Classical music reduced to a beauty contest.
The two wings of the Anglican Church disagree over the newly published prayerbook.
September, not January, is the real turn of the year.
The Path, a celebration of hill culture, bringing Tibetan musicians to the Scottish glens
Crackdown on porn
Is there a future for theatre?
Memorabilia – the holy relics of our age. George Michael buys the piano that John Lennon used to write Imagine.
The Bach family tree.